LOQUS Holdings Plc


Walter Bonnici, Chairman
Walter has acquired extensive business experience from holding various executive positions in companies involved in both the service and manufacturing industry. On 28th September 2001 he was appointed Executive Deputy Chairman of Grand Harbour Marina and chaired the committee which successfully listed the company on the Malta Stock Exchange. He is a Knight of the Order of St George and the Cross of Constantinople and sits on the Council of the Order.

Walter’s current directorships include: Bonnici Edwards and Co Ltd; Catalyst Europe(Malta) Ltd; GDL Trading and Services Ltd; General Distributors Ltd, Graja&Caorsi (Malta) Ltd; Malta Saudi Arabia Petrolube Co Ltd; Max Distribution Ltd; Portosalvo Holdings Ltd; Primanets MFG Ltd; Purity Products Ltd; Spray-Pack Ltd; S&J Euro/Asia Link Ltd; and WHP Holding Co Ltd.

Previous directorships held include: Datatrak Multi-Media Ltd; Ħal-Ferħ Tourist Co Ltd; Kordin Grain Terminal Ltd and Mediterranean Film Studios.

Joe Fenech Conti, Loqus CEO
Joe is the Chief Executive officer of the Loqus Group. He has served as the CEO the Group since 2005 and of GeoMed Services Ltd (which was acquired by the Loqus in 2000) since 1989.

Born in Malta on the 30th September 1962 Joe discovered an early love of Astronomy, Maths & Computers and by the age of 14 was building computers and writing his first code financed by washing dishes and giving Maths and Physics private tuition. Due to the lack of IT options in Malta at the time he choose an alternate career and graduated as an Architect & Civil Engineer from the University of Malta in 1987. During his university years Joe kept up with IT and developed a focus on geomatics by computerising various functions of the Public Works department.

When Joe graduated his first significant job was the setting up the mapping function of the Planning Authority which in conjunction with the Institue Géographique Nationale (IGN) of France remapped Malta. On completion of this project in 1989. Joe started working as a freelance consultant for IGN and the World Bank and carried out a number of national mapping and cadastral projects in France, Africa and the Middle East. In 1991 he setup with IGN FI and a local investor Arabian Mapping Co which became one of the major players in the Middle East mapping industry under his guidance. Joe exited this businesses in 1999 as the reality of online mapping providers like Google made it obvious that the geomatics models were about to change radically.

Through his university years Joe has built up a small IT software & consulting business that catered to the Maltese business market and by 1990 he merged it with Deloitte & Touché Malta to create Deloitte & Touché IT Consulting that became a prime provider of IT training, consulting and services in Malta. Joe ran this business as GM from 1990 to 1999 when he sold his shares to Deloitte. Over the years Joe has created a number of IT related companies and seeded a number of small technology companies to encourage and assist his colleagues in creating their own business.

Apart from his own businesses Joe also served as; Deputy Chairman of the Air Malta Group from 2003 to 2010, Director of Medavia (Mediterranean Aviation Company) 2003 to 2010, Chairman of PBS (Public Broadcasting Services - Malta) from 2006 to 2008, Director of World Aviation Systems (WAS), Malta. 2005-2010, Chairman of National Roads Directorate (NID), Malta 2008-2010, Director of Centrecom Ltd 2006-2010 and Director and supervisory board member of SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) 2006 - 2010.

Independently in 1989 he also created Geomed Systems a business focused on providing GIS solutions to government, utilities and the private sector. After a short sabbatical in 1999 Joe created a joint-venture between Geomed Systems and the Datatrak Group to provide GIS based display systems for automated vehicle location. This resulted in Datatrak buying 50% of Geomed Systems in 2000 which become Datatrak Services and still lives on as part of the Loqus Group. In 2000 the Datatrak group went public on the Malta stock exchange.

Between 2000 and 2008 Datatrak Services and its associated companies continued to grow and create a number of high quality fleet management products. In 2008 Joe merged the Datatrak services companies with the main Datatrak holding company and took control of the whole group. As part of this restructuring Joe renamed the group to Loqus. Today Loqus provides solutions and services for international Fleet management and the local Public sector. Joe continues to run the strategic direction of the group as its CEO while still providing an important input into creating new products.

Joe shares with his wife Francesca, four children and a significant number of animals. Joe supports Francesca’s fundraising for education in Malawi and her voluntary work with refuges in Malta.

Anthony Demajo
Anthony has acquired extensive business experience from holding various executive positions including; Managing Director of Edrichton Holdings Limited, (a leading Company in the Hospitality Sector); Managing Director of Edrichton Services Limited; Director of Edrichton Holidays Co. Ltd. (a leading company in incoming tourism); Executive Director of Grand Harbour Marina Plc. (Developer and Owner of Grand Harbour Marina in Vittoriosa); Director of Portosalvo Holdings Limited; Chairman of First Computer Computer Limited; Chairman of Alternate Investments Ltd.

To date he is Chairman and Managing Director of Edrichton Estates Limited, Director of Santumas Shareholdings Plc. and Chairman of PrimaNets Mfg. Co. Ltd. He is also the current Chairman of the Audit Committee of Loqus Holdings Plc.

Roland Scerri, Deputy CEO
Roland has a MSc in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool and a BCS Certificate in IS Consultancy Practice. He joined the company as a Software Developer in 2000 and immediately showed great promise not only in the technical areas but also commercially. He served as Project Manager, Product Manager, Resident Manager UK and Chief Officer Commercial before his current role.Roland is instrumental in the growth, strategy and operations of the Loqus Group and has extensive experience in various logistics fields.

Roland is a member of the ICT Executive Committee of the Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry.

Lawrence Zammit
Lawrence Zammit is a Founding Partner and a Director of MISCO. He holds a number of directorships in both private and public companies. At MISCO Lawrence has developed the market research division of the organisation and is also a trainer as well as a consultant to a number of business organisations, focusing on strategic issues related to business development, leadership, human resources development and management, and marketing. He is a former chairman of the Employment and Training Corporation, Malta International Airport plc, Air Malta plc and Malta Enterprise. He is currently chairman of the Board of Directors of Grand Harbour Marina plc and Altas Insurance PCC Limited. He is also a director of PG plc, Mariner Finance plc, Corporate Identities Limited, Exalco Finance plc, XNT Limited and Merill Funds Sicav plc.

Joannie Grima

Reuben Attard

Group Secretary

Dr. Adrian Mallia


Mazars Malta
Certified Public Accountants, 32 Sovereign Building, Zaghfran Road Attard ATD 9012 Malta


The Group acknowledges that the Code does not dictate or prescribe mandatory rules but recommends principles of good practice. However, the Directors strongly believe that such practices are in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders and that compliance with the principles of good corporate governance is not only expected by investors but also evidences the Directors’ and the Company’s commitment to a high standard of governance.

The Board is composed of Three (3) Non-Executive Directors and three (3) Executive Directors. The Company’s current organisational structure contemplates the role of a Chief Executive Officer (the “CEO”), a position which is occupied by Mr. Joseph Fenech Conti, who is the Executive Director having a seat on the Board of Directors. The Company’s CEO is currently a member of the Board and attends Board Meetings in such capacity whilst other Executives attend when necessary and upon invitation of the Directors. The presence of the CEO assures that, the Directors have direct access at meetings of Directors to the person having the prime responsibility for day to day operations of the Company and the implementation of polices that allows effective discussion and the availability of all the information necessary to carry out their functions in the best possible manner. In this respect, the Directors feel that the principle set forth in paragraph 2.3 of the Code is substantively met by means of this arrangement which allows the inter-action of Non- Executive Directors and Executives.

Audit Committee

The Group set up an Audit Committee composed of two non-executive directors and one executive. The Audit Committee is currently composed of Chev. Anthony P. Demajo (Chairman of the committee and Non- Executive Director of the Company), Ms. Joannie Grima (Non-Executive Director of the Company), and Mr. Lawrence Zammit (Non-Executive Director of the Company). Nevertheless, the committee has the power and authority under its terms of reference to summon any person to assist it in the performance of its duties. The Directors are of the view that the composition of the Audit Committee meets the requirements of the Code on independence as well as having a member with knowledge in accounting and/or auditing, since Ms. Joannie Grima is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Following such declarations, such persons are also considered to be independent Directors for the purposes of the Code.